Monday, July 16, 2012

SecondStoryStitches for 18"dolls & Book Tote Giveaway

Made with a vintage hankie
Today we have a different kind of story: a story of stitches. For this post, I wanted to feature my mom, Barb Leatherman, and her Etsy shop, Second Story Stitches.The story begins when my daughter received her first American Girl doll, which is an 18" doll. We chose a doll that looks very much like Allie, down to the same colored glasses. Since she spends a lot of time with her Gram, we knew they both would need a doll. So Gram also received her first 18" doll at Christmas! Thus the vision for creating her own clothing and accessories was born.

Barb in her sewing room, doing what she loves!
In the doll world, 18" dolls have been made by other companies, so if the American Girl is not appealing, there are other options! The brunette doll shown here is Barb's doll, which is a Madame Alexander. Also, the AG and other lines often feature BOOKS that come with the dolls, so you can sit and READ with your girl and her doll!
Made with antique buttons
Blue satiny party dress
Kimono-style booties
We love the American Girl doll line, but there are alternatives for those like us who don't always have the budget for their clothes. Barb has lovingly sewn the most detailed and high-quality clothing for these dolls, and posts them at affordable prices ($5-$20). You know it's not coming from China! In addition to doll clothes, she has crocheted hats and booties for babies, crocheted hats for older girls/women, quilted bags (great for books or a Kindle), basket "cozies," and doll quilts-- for any size doll.

Quilt w/vintage nursery rhyme
Doll quilt and pillow
Cute cargo pants
Barb states that she makes these items in her "second story" sewing room, and uses recycled fabrics, giving them a "second" life. She has utilized beautiful handkerchiefs, vintage buttons and materials like lace and eyelets. Experimenting with new, soft yarns is also her specialty.
I am not just being biased when I say that these pieces are even cuter in person than in the pictures!

Sweet seersucker pj's

Doll-size chef apron and mitt
SPECIAL OFFER! Why not try ordering for a special girl in your life? For the next month, Barb is offering FREE SHIPPING to US/Canada.  If you mention that A Story Club sent you, I'll throw in a goody from me! 
Lavender dress w/hair bow
Win this!
GIVEAWAY! Go ahead and leave a comment for Barb~ let her know which item you like best from her shop. A random winner will be drawn to receive a hand-crafted, gently lined, quilted tote bag, perfect for books, a Kindle, your lunch, or as a purse! (US/Canada only). Drawing on 7/22. Update: Congrats to our winner, Sarah! 

You can keep up with Barb on her Facebook page, Second Story Stitches. Go "like" her page to see when she posts new product! Or just because you like her :0)


  1. I thought the kitty outfit was the cutest! Does Barb make anything for build a bear? For boys? Great job on the clothes!

    Sarah B.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the comments. Right now I'm not making build-a-bear clothes but that's a good idea! If I find some patterns I could do that. I am crocheting a hat/bootie set right now for baby boys. And, I made my grandson, Matthew, a winter beard/hat. Also made hats for the guys in the family (crochet). I will be making guy stuff this fall.

  2. love the

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

    1. Thank you, Katrina! This was fun to quilt.

  3. Wow, what a talent you have Barb! Beautiful array of clothes and accessories. It brings back such wonderfully fond memories of my twin sister and I working under the tutelage of our maternal grandmother on her Singer sewing machine to make our own Barbie doll clothes. Believe it or not, now, I'm not even good at sewing on a button. BUT, get twin sister is a master sewer. She can work her magic to make curtains, clothes for stuffed Teddy bears and people, etc., even without a pattern--MOST AMAZING! I admire and envy you both!

  4. Actually, Barb, I forgot to mention that I added your FB Page to my list of favorite "Likes" on my FB Page. Unfortunately, I can't "Like" your FB Page even through the "Like" button on my BING toolbar--Christina will know what I mean by this as I just wrote her about it minutes ago.

    1. Lisa, I know what you mean about the sewing with grandma days. I got out of sewing for a long time until I got my doll last Christmas. I was mostly quilting and making bags. I've had a lot of fun doing the doll clothes and picked up crocheting again after a long break. I tend to go from one thing to the next when I'm in the mood.
      I, too, have had trouble with Facebook because I don't do "regular" facebook, only have my business page. Oh well, Christina helps me out a lot too!
      Thanks, Christina!

  5. Hi Barb! Do you remember me? I know it's been a really long time. I'll never forget scrapbooking at your house, though! :-) Well, I love your new online shop! Way to go in building a really cool business. My favorite thing that I found as I browsed your shop is the lovely and adorable vintage doll apron! I LOVE it!!! I collect aprons and many of them are vintage. I"ll have to remember that for a gift for my daughters for one of their dolls. Or maybe just for me to add to my collection!! :-)
    You're very talented!


  6. Alissa, of course I remember you and I sometimes see pictures of you and your family through Christina. I, too, love vintage fabric and the little apron was fun to make. I just ordered a pattern to make big people aprons and will use up some of my vintage fabrics doing that. So, keep checking out my shop for new items. Thanks for your comments! I appreciate it.

  7. Thanks for stopping in and leaving comments, Sarah, Katrina, Lisa, and Alissa!