Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Minecrafting a Story: A Ten-Year-Old Writer Shares Advice

In his Free Writing time at school, my son has been crafting a story which has caused quite a stir around the fifth grade classroom.

He agreed to an interview for A Story Club. Maybe we can all get a glimpse into the creative mind of a ten-year-old. Welcome, Matthew!

So I hear you've been writing a story based on one of your favorite games, Minecraft. What exactly is this game, and why is it so popular?

Minecraft is a game about placing, destroying, and mining blocks. The goal is to mine diamonds, which are found in caves. They're very rare. Once you get them, you can make tools and armor. Then you have to kill Ender men and collect Ender pearls. You also have to go into the Nether, kill Blazes, get Blaze powder, and then craft Eye of Ender. Then you release them into the air and follow them to the stronghold. You go through the portal into the end, and fight the Ender dragon. 

Then there is also a free-play mode, where you have unlimited resources and unlimited health.

How is your story based on the game?

My story is the journal of a guy who appeared in a Minecraft world and had to survive. He invited his friends in. There is an evil guy named Herobrine, and he is trying to steal their stuff. They have to kill him. 

What made you decide to write it as a journal?

It just sounded better.

I heard that when you traded stories at school, some kids did not want to give you your notebook back.

Yea, they didn't want to stop reading it, and they were begging me to write more.

Do you think that people need to know about Minecraft in order to enjoy the story?

No, some kids did not know anything about the game and they still understood the story. I think it would make a lot more sense if you did know the game.

How much have you written?

Part 1 is complete. I've started Part 2, and there is a sequel planned.

What is your advice for other young writers?

Write about what you really like, and it will turn into a good story.

We have an excerpt! Sit back and enjoy.

(From Minecraft. . .)

Day: 13
     I've been up all ni. . .*snore . . . . . . . . .Ugh, Ugh! was the sound I awoke to. It was Herobrine! He fell for my trap. I attacked him and Rueben came running. The next thing I knew Herobrine dropped the diamond sword and ran.

Day: 14
    I've been up all night partying. I still want to kill Herobrine. Rueben had a close encounter with a Creeper last night. It was about 11:00 p.m. and he was barking at me, so I figured he wanted to kill a sheep. I let him out. About 10-20 minutes later I started to get suspicious. I went outside to see what he was doing and this is what I saw: Rueben cornered by a Creeper. I attacked the Creeper and killed him. Rueben is grounded from sheep-killing now.

Day: 15
    Today was just a normal day. I did some mining and found some coal.

Day: 16
    Guess what?! I found out how to join a multiplayer server! I'm switching to a LAN world right now! Really *click* I think I will allow 1 person in for now. A message appeared on my screen-"JoeGuy61" appeared in your world! I think I'll send him my coordinates.

Well, there you have it! Very exciting stuff. I can see why the other kids were hooked. 

What do you love about young people's stories?