Book Interviews with Kids

My children-- and most other children-- are very discerning when it comes to books. I have chosen to highlight their favorite books and ask them why they like these particular books. Kid authors, take note! (Check back often as I will continually update this page. . .depending up on current kid cooperation).

Allie's Favorites 

(Interviews with an avid seven-year-old reader)
"Pocket Cats" by Kitty Wells
What do you like about this book?
It was addicting and cool

What made it addicting?
I liked it because the ceramic cats came to life and they helped her solve problems. 
Would you recommend this book to friends and why?
I would because they would like it.

"Rainbow Magic" series by Daisy Meadows
What is your favorite thing about these books?
They're about fairies and the two girls help the fairies to get their things back from Jack Frost.

Do you have a favorite fairy?
Katie the Kitten Fairy. I have this book. I wish I could read it, though
Why can't you read it?
Lily (the dog) tore it up!

"Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew" series by Carolyn Keene
I used to read these when I was young. How are these books different from the old ones?
Nancy is only ten years old in these books and they're for younger kids.
Who is the Clue Crew?
Nancy, Bess, and George. They solve cases.
Do you try to figure out the cases when you read them like I used to?
What is your favorite part of the book?
When they're gathering clues.

Matthew's Favorites
(Interviews with a ten-year-old bookworm)
"Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series by Rick Riordan
What did you like when you first read this book?
It was intriguing and it sucked me in.
How was it intriguing?
It didn't exactly explain what was going on, it just jumped right in. You had to really pay attention in the beginning, and then later it was explained so you understood.
Did you have a favorite character?
Grover the Satyr because he's funny, and in one of the books he gets a Lamborghini.

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series (DUH!) by Jeff Kinney
Do I even need to ask why you like these books?
But I will. So what is it about them?
They're funny and I can relate to them.
How is he 'wimpy'?
He's not popular and he's not very buff. Actually, he's a stick figure. 
What is different about this book than most other books you've read?
The pages look like a notebook so it feels like you're actually reading his journal.
Did this book make you want to keep your own journal?
No, but you made me start one.
How's that coming along?
I don't write in it.
Okay, then this interview is over.

Readers, interview your kids about a favorite book and post it in a comment below! 

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