My Work in Progress

I read somewhere that you're not supposed to talk too much about your work too soon, or the "fire" goes away. So I'll just hint that my story is set in the 1870's. The setting is actually East of the Missouri River. There are survivors, there are obstacles, there is love, a kidnapping, a ransom and redemption. It's about characters on their own paths, how their lives intertwine, and how the things they are afraid of become the very things that save them. I do like humor, so there are some fun scenes sprinkled in. I just hope everyone else finds them as funny as I do.

I've actually started a second book based on the backstory of one of the characters in the first novel. I had to set the first one down for awhile, and she was begging to tell her story. This one is set earlier on, around 1830's and '40's. 

It turns out that there was a third book needing to be written. So now I have used the others as learning tools, in writing a third draft. It's exciting to see some of the same characters showing up. This setting is still in the 1870's, rural Missouri. 

I love doing the research on history, and am finding myself drawn to this Restoration period after the Civil War. Love the Westward Expansion too! I especially like discovering more about my own local history, and a lot of that will be included. 

The best advice I've been given can be found on this blog, in fact. Every author has provided some amazing tidbits of knowledge and motivation. What I find myself coming back to every time is: Write as if no one else will ever read it; it's MY story so write it my way; and JUST WRITE. 

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  1. Ah... I found it. Well, I would buy it because I love historical fiction.