Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Few Words About Words

By word count, I am halfway through the first draft of my novel. I have been writing for four months. That is not long. But I've never written this many words in such a short time. It's easy to become impatient and want to be finished! Then again, right now, I have no pressure. Nothing on the line other than my own sense of accomplishment. It's all just fun to create something out of nothing.

Have you ever found yourself saying something you have never uttered before? Like 'Stop smacking the blue monkey against your sister's leg' or 'I blew the plug of black gunk out of the tubing so the fountain would work'? There are just some moments you stop and say, Wow. I wonder if anyone has ever said that?

This is how a writer is like an artist. We strive to put words together in a new way that will convey some meaning to the reader. Then of course, they must be put into an order where the story moves along, with tension and emotion. On top of that, the words themselves must be raked over, scrapped or kept, chosen carefully, and not overused. Why do we care so much? Words are beautiful. Words are weird. We want the right ones.

Right now, I worry about word count so I can keep to my goal. Possibly, in about four more months, my very first draft will be finished. Then on to revisions- by me, by others, word by word, line by line. I'll need beta readers. These are the ones I'm most excited about! Let me know if that could be you.

Did you know that you just read 283 words? Words are powerful. And I happen to love that words are funny. What have you done with words lately?


  1. Barb Leatherman (mom)May 27, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    Lately? I've been enjoying the early morning bird words! Have you heard the Brown Thrasher? He has more words than any other bird. He repeats his many phrases 2 and 3 times and doesn't let any other gossip in edgewise. I wonder what they talk about so early? Humans don't know what they're missing if they can't sit outside around daybreak. The gossip is flowing freely out there!

  2. Yes, well they are still talking in the evening, so I prefer to hear them at that time. Maybe someday we will find out what they are saying. I do think I have a Thrasher, because I have heard that beautiful song.